There are a lot of things which have changed in Plumbing SEO in 2019 in regards to getting high organic ranking on Google, and within the following guide, we’re going to dive right into it and guide you all that you want to learn about SEO if it comes to your plumbing website.

Does SEO still work in 2020 & beyond?

Google’s algorithm is constantly updating, the search results are ever-changing, and if you check the search results, you may see heaps of Google Ads at the top – and a number of you people in your city will probably notice lots of Google neighborhood Advertising. What I am trying to say is that there’s just an increasing number of space being consumed by those paid Ads.

If you are still doubtful if SEO operates in 2020, here are a couple of findings which can blow your brain.

71% of all Clicks to search Results are Going to the Organic Search Results!!

What it means is 71 percent of all clicks associated with plumbing such as “Plumbers near me” have gone into the top three from the local map pack, as well as the top ten search results under that.

Nearly 80 percent of Clicks Goes into The Best 3 Google Organic Listings

These are great statistics which are going into those natural search results, and also a lot of people are clicking on organic results rather than google ads. So, that said, we could say that YES!! SEO still works and undoubtedly matters in 2020.

Should I do PPC advertisement?

Yes, if you’ve got the budget, then you should. But you can’t sleep on SEO in 2020. Most of the traffic normally goes to organic SEO results, therefore it’s simply not something that you can forget.

Nevertheless, I’d love to ask a question: 

Let’s say you’ve got into a plumbing problem at home and you pull up your mobile phone or visit your desktop computer, then you go to Google and search for the nearest plumbers in your town. After the search results appear, are you going to click on the paid advertisement links or you will prefer to scroll down to the natural organic search results? Many of you, like me, are likely to scroll down and click on the map listing or open the organic search results.

Statistically, only 14% of perople click on the Google paid advertisement, so that I want to highlight that SEO is not dead.

What’s Plumbing SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization & it is the process of optimizing your website to rank for your desired keywords in search engines, and plumbing SEO has to do with plumbing companies like yours, and optimizing your plumbing business website and pages to receive organic and free visitors from search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO so Important For Your Plumbing Business?

Nowadays, nearly 94% of individuals search Google before purchasing a new service or product. They do it by writing their keywords in Google search, and receive a list of relevant websites in return. People today like to see websites which are on top of the Google listing; this is because the results on the top seem to be relevant for their search and they trust it more.

If you’ve ever wondered why your competitor’s website in your plumbing business is rankings better than yours, then you need to understand it’s because of a marketing strategy called SEO. SEO can help your plumbing site rank higher compared to countless other plumbing websites in relation to certain keywords searched.

The search engines collect information about each page on the internet and can help individuals find what they’re searching for.

Thus, as soon as your page receives a higher position, it will help more customers to locate your business. To have a higher position in Google, your plumbing website must have good search signals that search engines are searching for, and that’s exactly what this guide is all about.

Three Biggest Challenges When It Comes to Plumbing SEO

1. Thorough and Well-written Content Topics

Each service that you offer needs to have a web page for itself. If you’re a plumbing company, you do plumbing. However you also might offer HVAC services, then you want to get a well-written page for HVAC services that you offer, you will do the same for all the services that you offer.

You also need to split down your content further. You want to consider the type of plumbing services which you provide: whether it’s boiler replacement, heating services, emergency plumbing services, and it could be any piping repair support you provide.

That being said, every type of service that you have, you want to have a well written page for that specific service. 

All these will provide you a higher ranking in regards to those individual support pages.


Additionally, most plumbers work within 25-50 mile radius- if you have pages targeting all those cities, but make each of those pages are unique. When I say unique, you can have similar content, but you should have something different on each of the pages. You can spice up those pages with some reviews on each page specific to that service, pictures, and you might also do a video for that place.


Furthermore, a well-written copy does matter. I’m not just referring to throwing a bunch of words on the webpage; it has to be content that is likely to sell your services. 

Thus, make sure that when your customers land on your page, there’s something there to keep them engaged, whether it be a video, pictures, or it might be a quick call to action encouraging them to take quick advantage of your offer. This type of stuff is what is going to sell your visitor on your services to be certain they don’t leave without contacting you.

2. Spammy backlinks pointing to your website hurting your search engine rankings

Google keeps upgrading its algorithm, and a couple of years ago, including this past year, it was all about backlinks when it comes to ranking in Google. Well, it’s still true, and link building is still a massive factor

But in 2020, with algorithm updates such as the Penguin update, it’s all about quality and the value of the link. This implies how high-quality are they? Are they relevant to the plumbing business? or they are just some irrelevent links pointing to your domain.

Second, you will need someone who can review your link profile – the links which are pointing to your site. This helps you find out if the links coming to your site are of high-quality, and also if they are applicable, and if there’s anything spammy, they will get rid of those links and disavow them.

So, just make sure you’re consistently doing that backlink analysis. You can contact us and our team can do it for free of cost.

Lastly, you have to make sure that you’re diversifying your anchor text. Anchor texts are basically the exact words that somebody else might use to connect to your website.

Last year and a few years ago, a lot of people used to just pound other websites with links that say let’s assume you’re a plumber in London Area, they will have an anchor text with a link to your web page that says ”Plumber London” and they do this 30 to 50 times. It used to work well, and you could get ranked easily.

But it’s 2020, and you will get hammered by Google if you really do stuff like this. This is where you might want to go in and remove those bad anchor texts, which will allow you to regain that confidence in Google’s eyes.


3. You Need A Physical Office Location to Rank in Google Maps Listing

Early in 2014, Google Maps had a recent update known as the Pigeon update, and mostly what it addressed was Local Map Listings.

It took a Significant action on websites who’d:

  • Had multiple addresses
  • Used UPS stores mailboxes
  • Virtual stores

Some websites are still getting away with this stuff, but multiple businesses have gotten crushed because they were using these digital offices, and Google wiped them out on Google Maps. So, just make sure you have an actual office in the city you need to position in.

A good number of our clients use their home addresses and have their organization address hidden on Google My Business, which you may still do, and it is not likely to hurt your odds of being positioned on Google.


What Has Changed for Plumbing SEO?

SEO Tactics From Preceding Years No Longer Work

Thus, just worrying about keywords on the page, creating crappy backlinks such as PBN, and things like that just do not work anymore. Google has gotten smarter, and we’ve got AI which isn’t likely to be easily fooled.

Therefore, the new SEO approach will require a significant focus on what the consumer is really doing in search results, and on the page. This is related to the kind of on page optimization, which we will get into. But customer experience is the upcoming big thing from 2020 forward.

New Ranking Factors For 2020 & Beyond

1. Click Through Rate

CTR is going to be a key ranking factor, and we’ve already noticed this.

Therefore, CTR is basically when someone types in “Plumbers London” into search results, and assume they scroll down, then they click maybe the first map list, then that is considered a click through to your website.

Google pays attention to this; they know how many times each person clicks a listing and if they noticed that some of the results are being clicked more than others, then that’s going to affect your rankings. And there are a couple of things you can do to help that click-through rate up.

2. Scroll Rate and Time on Page is Essential

Once people click through your site and they land on your website, what are they doing on your website? Are they scrolling down as soon as they get to your homepage or your site? Or are they bouncing?

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is also a thing to pay close attention . You can see your bounce rate on your webpage when you’ve Google Analytics setup. A bounce is basically whenever someone comes to your page, and doesn’t do anything on it and then clicks the back button and then goes back to the search results. So, make sure you’re seeing that, if people aren’t interacting on your website, it’s going to hurt your search results rankings.


I can’t emphasize this enough. Google is all about brands, particularly in the past year of 2019, so you want to construct your online presence and use the power of brand…. and you might have a brand. When I say brand, your online brand isn’t your offline brand. So, if you’re big offline, that is excellent, but when it comes to getting ranked in Google, you need to at least appear to have a big brand on the internet too.

This means that you need to be certain that you’re mentioned on all these local news websites, and you’ve got links from large authoritative websites and things like that. It has been a massive thing in 2020, and it will be huge in the future as well. The brands which are getting big mentions online from other sites are the ones which are getting those good rankings.

Number of Citation Review and Relevant Links

It has been a massive ranking variable, and it has become more predominant in regards to ranking on Google.

So, what is your new SEO formula someone may ask. Well, we are going to dive directly into that:

Figure Out the Main Keywords According to Your Service, Service Area, and Search Volume.

Don’t over-complicate this.

Keywords are the phrases that people type into Google to locate you. All of these are examples of keywords, and you need to understand which keywords brings you the most cash.

  1. Buying Intent Keywords
  2. Research Keywords
  3. Awareness Keywords

    Buying Intent Keywords

    These will be phrases such as “Dublin Plumbing Repair”. It basically indicates that the customer is ready to take the desired action, and they exactly know what they want. It is the stage in the buyer journey where your company’s reputation comes into play.

Research Keyword

When people intend to research and compare they are going to search for something like “the best plumbing company near me”. These are the kind of keywords you want to rank for because they are the ones that will get you to your right audience or ideal customer.

How To Find These Keywords?

Well, this is easy, you simply google something similar to what I did below, and as you can clearly see Google have given some suggestions. Often people tend to ignore its power or importance. The reason behind it being so important is that those suggestions are based on what real searches or in other words what people in your city are searching, to find you.

Plumbing SEO

You can create a list of problems people would look up and search them on Google. Then, write them down and begin creating a list.

There are other tools out there that can help you find the above keywords. Some of the most effective tools recommended for this purpose are you:

I would suggest that you should use all of them to discover the right keywords for your area that would get you the desired traction.

 With these tools, you can search these keyword ideas, and it is going to give you an accurate number of typical monthly searches of the number of people searching for that keyword. Then you can decide on the keywords with the greatest monthly average. These tools also help you by indicating if the competition is high, medium or low for these keywords.

 You have to set up a stellar website with specific pages targeting a unique set of keywords. You also need to have a webpage for every single city in which you operate..

 Below are some examples of the plumbing keywords lists you can use:

Your City+ plumbing Services

Your Town + plumbing Companies

Your City+ plumbing Contractors

Add ons:

Close to me, Cheap, Experienced, In my Area

Essentially if your keyword has” Your City + Your Service” and your rank for them you ought to be doing great!

Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Your website should be mobile friendly in order to optimize it for desired results. Google knows that smartphones are an integral part of our lives.

Consequently, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website then you aren’t going to have a chance to be ranked on Google. So, what you should really do is to take the Google Mobile test. 

Mobile Test Plumbing SEO Services

 A website will appear similar to the picture below, it will permit you to place your site’s address, as shown below. Within 30 seconds, you’ll get results. It will be either a red X or a green circle. If you get a red X, then perhaps you might want to ask your web designer to fix your website for being mobile friendly, or you might want to hire a new one to get the work finished.

Thus, before starting your plumbing SEO for your Plumbing Website, make sure that it passes this test. Do not assume because your website looks perfect, or because your web designer believes it’s mobile-friendly; then it is- you need Google assurance for that.


Plumbing SEO: On-Site Optimization Steps

1. Create Your Plumbing Website With Good Content and User Experience

 You can improve your On page time by leveraging multimedia such as Images and videos. You can use a tool like GTMetrix  to check how fast your website loads. This way you will be able to create a site with good content, and consumer experience. As discussed before, having all sorts of multimedia in your page, is what is going to keep people on the webpage. We would suggest you to have videos on your website. Videos will reduce your bounce rate and encourage your web site visitors to engage and take action.

This could be a simple video of you and your colleagues working hard in a house; yet this appears to engage individuals. You can also have a video of you & your staff. Anything like this will continue will make people staying on your webpage and enhance those consumer metrics, Google will find that, and it is going to reduce your bounce rate. So, get these videos onto your webpage and keep them up on the webpage so people don’t need to scroll to see them.

Moreover, imagery helps nicely, and what I mean by imagery are the graphics that aren’t stock appearing. So, a lot of people prefer to utilize these stock images. Stock images are images that look like they have been downloaded in Google images, which isn’t likely to engage the user as personalized pictures do. People want to connect with you & understand you – they want that trust factor, consequently, if you have these stock images all over your site, you will lose them.

 What I recommend you do will be to find some type of professional pictures of you & your own team, materials, and stuff like this that you can place on your site, it sort of conveys that trust factor to the people that are visiting your site. So, I recommend you stay away from using stock pictures.

2. Separate Pages for Each of Your Service

As we discussed earlier all you’ve to do here is to make sure you’re as gritty as you can. Additionally, make sure that all of these pages are optimized, which means you should have the primary keyword phrases in your name, header as well as on your page.


3. Use Your Primary Keyword in Your Title and H1, and Related Keywords in H2/H3

 Basically your name is something that pops in search results, that’s the vital factor that indicates Google exactly what your page is all about.

Additionally, be sure that the header on your webpage should use a version of that keyword. Also, you want to keep these keywords for the user, so be careful not to put something like- Plumbing Dublin- as the primary title on your webpage. It might look as if it’s perfect for SEO, however it is not effective as it is likely to affect your user participation. What I suggest you do is to use something much more like “The Premier Dublin Experts That You Can Trust” or something that is going to help you convey that trust factor to your target audience.

 You should utilize those relevant keywords throughout the content of the page. Generally, you’re going to have a whole lot of headers on that page, so don’t only use Plumbers, rather you can use: plumbing solutions, plumbing specialists, and similar variations throughout the webpage since this could help you rank for all those keywords that we are typing into the search outcome.


4. Use Meta Descriptions That Attracts & Sells

 Another significant thing that helps with CTR will be the meta description. For those who might not know what exactly meta description is, let’s take an example, when you Google a search query such as ” Dublin Plumbers” along with the search result titles, you’ll notice that beneath the name of each listing, there’s a little description about what the article is all about or the services of that page. That description is what we refer to as meta description.

 So, you need to be certain that meta description is written in a means that’s going to drive clicks. Don’t make the mistake of writing something simple there. I advise that you use an offer, and similar stuff that is going to help you stand out on the webpage, grab people’s attention and make them click. This will immensely help you in improving  the click-through rate, hence click-through rate will assist with your SEO rankings.

5. Add Additional Information In the Footer

 You can use Schema to incorporate the title, address, and telephone numbers on the site. It is a specific type of scripting that informs google and other search engines exactly what sort of business you are, the services which you provide, and where you’re located- this is not hard to install.

6. Ongoing Updates

Last but not least, you have to make sure you’re always updating your website with new content. You might have heard a lot about blogging and how it is so beneficial, but you need to understand the purpose behind this. Some websites post blogs every now and then, of a few 100 words on their website; this is not likely to help you. You need quality content, so instead of updating your website consistently, you should update it every 2 months or every month with a new helpful blog article that would actually be useful for the end consumer.

You could even have videos on there, but the primary purpose here is to keep your site active because when Google sees your website is active and continuously upgraded, it ranks you better.

 We have covered on-page optimization, which is almost half the battle. Creatinh your authority off page is the biggest part, but how can you do it right? Well, let’s dive into that:

Offpage Optimization Steps

1. Claim and Boost Google My Business Listing

Most of you would probably be doing this , but there are so many plumbers who have not yet gotten their Google My business listings which is something your entire digital system will revolve around.

So, make sure you head to get this. The process to get it is simple. You need to go to if you have not done that, it’s just having them sending you a postcard, and you verify your office space or where your company is situated.

After getting the card, all you’ve got to do is to fill it out. Make sure to insert your services, photographs, logos, videos, name and business hours, and whatever you can in there to make sure it’s filled out.

Also, make sure you’re getting reviews. They are really important and ensure to respond to all those reviews in the Google My Business dashboard. Reviews assist with Google’s map positions , and it isn’t important if they are positive or negative, only be sure you respond to all them. Visitors to the website are going to understand that you’re active on your page although will also indicate the same to Google.

 2. Build Your Brand By Getting Lots of High-Quality Business Citations

You’ve probably heard this at a lot of citations, since this tells Google you are a brand. You need to get listed on these directories. There are 100’s of these on the market,quantity shouldn’t  be the focus but definitely get listed in as many as your competitors are on. And finally make sure your name, telephone number, and address is correct on them as well .

3. Leveraging Effective Tools To Build Up Online Reviews

Building up your online reviews as well as  rankings by using the finest tools such as to automate reviews on your own Google My Business or Facebook or where you may want to have it. Additionally, there are other tools such as Podium BirdEye, ReviewBuzz and many more.

4. Get Authoritative And Relevant Links To Your Website

Links are one of the most important  elements for Google ranking, which means you need to take advantage of this. You can achieve that by ensuring you’re listed on sites such as HomeAdvisor and Yelp


The Secret To Getting Ranked On Top 3 on the Google Maps

The key to rank on top of Google Maps and these are ; Google My Business, and getting listed on directories.

You need to completely optimize your Google My Business account and get listed on all search engine directories, and all the major citation directories. This includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

One thing many people tend to ignore is that majority of individuals use Apple products these days, and that means you want to make sure you’re listed on Apple Maps using this hyperlink to get yourself listed on the market.

 Reviews are important and be sure these are Google testimonials, also try to have testimonials on Google My Business as it is a really important factor for ranking.

I believe that in the previous years many people used to build a lot of links that are spammy, they still use them however they’re quite ineffective for local search, they are not actually what works

If local groups talk about plumbing companies, plumbing problems and stuff like this, it will be very advantageous for you to get listed in their directories.

Make decent use of your Social media such as Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest or in case you are part of the chamber of commerce, that is a huge local link which you could buy – and even if you need to pay for it, it is worth it. If you support a charity you could even get mentioned in news articles, blogs of other websites, also, you can get a connection. 

There are different ways and competitive link acquisition is just one plus it seems to be one of the strategies that are powerful to get the desired traffic. Google gets indication when you get links from other websites that are ranking.

What you could do is to go to Google and search. Let us assume you are a plumbing company , type something like – Dublin plumbing company. Now make a list of the top ranking websites and try to get their links and do that for different keyword phrases. Googles love to know that you’re local.

If you’re listed on these websites which are already ranking, it’s a powerful thing for Google to know. It isn’t easy but after you do get these kinds of links, they can be super-effective.  

10 Steps To Higher Plumbing SEO Ranking

1. Create An  Excellent Website That Has Service Pages & Pages For Locations You Serve

Be gritty with it and also have good content. Do not forget to target on all those cities that you’re serving. Write a page about the location as well as the service.

Again, remember to get some testimonials from this area and your service. Add some pictures because that can assist to rank in those organic search results.

2.Boost Your Site To Be Mobile Friendly

Again, make sure your web designer creates a website that can run fast on cellular devices. Check if your website is optimized for mobile devices using the Google Mobile test.

3. Get Your Keyword In The Tittle and Header of Each Pag

Do not forget to put in your Keyword and geo-modifier in the title of each page. Make certain that it’s listed. Ensure that you aren’t spammy about it and utilize unique variants of those keywords.

4. Use Quality, Well Written Content For Every Page

Focus on the quantity along with the quality of the content. Doing something like a page that is a 100-word isn’t going to help you.

5. Use Multimedia To Increase Time Spend On Page

If you do this well, I promise, it is going to help lower your bounce rate which will boost your position outcomes. Thus, be sure that you’re putting those pictures and movies of your team, and whatever you can to keep people on the webpage.

6. Get Reviews From All Around The Web

Ensure to get your reputation up by utilizing the software mentioned to get you a lot of testimonials quickly.

7. Construct Your Citations Consistently

Get listed in all the major citations and all the major search engines, and ensure that your brand is viewed consistently through the web.

 8. Remember To Update Relevent Blog Posts Consistely

For this. Get  some content composed and place it in your blog, this can be about your business itself, it could be about answering queries concerning some plumbing services that you provide and anything like this. Just keep your blog active because Google recognises the activities on a blog.

 9. Build Links & Authority

And again, going back getting links are superb, and links are an excellent way to get traction. Be sure to get local links that will help you rank better on Google Maps.

10. Leverage Paid Search To Identify Top Ranking Keywords 

I recommend paid search as it enables you to get prospects quickly, but you can kind of know the right  keywords, once you’re actually running pay per click ads and the ones that are converting well can be used for your SEO. Therefore, if you’re running ads right now, go check out to know what people are searching and determine which ones are currently converting the most.

You can see which keywords are getting the leads, and be certain to weave these keywords to your content In case you have conversion trackers.


Help is just a few clicks away

Social Gravity is right here for you if you believe these processes appear complex and technical for you personally, and you also want your Plumbing website optimized for SEO. Apply for a consultation with us today and we will be at your service as soon as possible.

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