Before internet was perceived as another world, however now we see it as a part of our physical world. Information technology has transformed our way of living to the extent that our social associations are nurturing online rather than face to face.  People around the world are hooked to their screens and internet is proving to be the most transformative yet rapidly growing technology.

Did you know, there are one million new internet users every day? Isn’t that interesting!

Hence there is a large pool of audience available online which is impossible to reach to offline. Consequently it is easy for businesses to market their products and services online to a larger audience set. On the other hand it is detrimental for business to not incorporate digital marketing in their operation and would mean losing business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of goods and services using the internet such as website, search engine and social media platforms or even electronic bill boards. Conventional Marketing is being implemented by marketers around the world since decades. But the problem was the growth of internet and its usage. While waiting at the dentists I neither have time nor the interest to check the latest magazine. Or in the car, while sitting at the passenger seat how many of us have a look at the build boards?  That’s merely because we are busy on our phones, having all the information on the flicker of our finger tips. Who would want to make the effort of flipping the magazine or to follow the build boards to find what we would like to see when our newsfeed content is just according to our likes and latest offers.  That’s where the role of digital marketing comes in. Surely you could comprehend its importance from a business perspective.

Basic Components of Digital Marketing

It is a powerful easy and cost effective way to target your audience. The right blend of each component combined with effective tricks can be the perfect recipe for business success.

The components encompasses:

  1. Search Engine optimization: We all love google and the first thing we do to know about something is to google it! Google is a search engine and you need to optimize your website according to it, in order to appear on the top in the search engine result page. But why do you want to rank on the top? It’s because most of the people tend to check the top most results for their searches and you simply don’t want to be missed out and left behind your competitors.
The Basic Components of Digital Marketing 1

For instance if you are hungry and you search for a pizza shop near you on google. You are most likely to check the first two or maximum first 5 results. Like in the picture below all the pizza shops after pizza hut are lacking behind their competition and hence loosing sales.

Now the question arises how to optimize your site for search engines. There are three main ways to do SEO. They are:

On page SEO: It is referred to all the efforts done on the website and in order to optimize it for the search engine. It’s done mainly by adjusting the content present on the website according to the search engine and its preference. For example searching relevant and lucrative keywords for the content and utilizing keywords in the headings to make it easy for the search engine to index the website.

Off Page SEO: These are all the activities that are done off page to optimize your website. It includes getting backlink from authoritative websites. The quantity and quality of links coming to a website plays a key role in search engine optimization. In order to rank high in the search engine you need to earn relevant and quality backlinks from high authority website. The easy way to get these links is to create and share quality content to your site to which other websites would want to link to. Also establishing relationship with influencers in your field can help you get high quality and relevant links.

Technical SEO: It is related to the technical aspects of the website such as loading speed, backend coding, and structure of the data and optimization of the CSS file. All these factors are critical for search engines.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising:  It is an advertising model whereby you have to pay to the advertiser each time the ad is clicked. It is an effective method to appear in the search results while establishing organic ranking.  The most popular type of PPC is google AdWords. It a proven way to get leads and is considered cost effective as well. It allows you to precisely target your prospect customers. The other examples for PPC are Facebook paid ads, LinkedIn sponsored messages and twitter ad campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing: It is a way to promote your brand and products which is done through social platforms. These platforms include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, snapchat etc. 42% of the total world population is on social media. Hence it is an effective tool to drive traffic, generate leads and boost sales.  These platforms provide you the luxury to access the insights of your page activity, making it possible for you to know closely about your target audience. It allows you to analyze which content is liked by your audience and understand their preferences and needs. LinkedIn is most effective for B2B where as Facebook and Instagram is said to better work for B2B.
The Basic Components of Digital Marketing 2
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on creating and million times right? Let’s explain what it actually means. Great content is the key to digital marketing success. It’s as simple as that. High quality and unique content contributes to your digital marketing efforts in many different ways. First and foremost it improves your SEO by making it clear for the search engine what the website is about, using specific keywords. It gets you noticed on social media and attracts your audience towards your product or service. Content drives traffic, establishes your credibility in your domain, and help you get leads.The art is to produce creative content which is not promotional in nature but inspires your audience to take the desired action.
The Basic Components of Digital Marketing 3
  • Email Marketing: Another way to promote your product or service to your prospect customer online is through email, which is commonly known as email marketing. For every 1 dollar that you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of dollar 32, that makes an ROI of 3200%

It is the most direct way to reach to your customers which can be customized to interest them. However the email should be very strategic, relevant, and informative as well entertaining for the receiver.

  • Website design: All of the digital marketing components listed above ultimately aims to take the user to the website in order to make the desired action. If it’s not up to date and attractive the user’s interest will drastically drop down. On the contrary if the website is visually appealing but is too complex to deal or it takes forever to download, the user probably would leave it then and there. The look and feel of the website should represent the brand, and its layout and theme should be according to the nature of the business. Having a mobile friendly website is imperative for success as 52.2% of online traffic in 2018 was through mobile phones. Your website is your digital landscape and should be optimized in appearance as well as functionality.

Nutshell:  Digital Marketing is the promotion of goods and services online through internet or electronic device. It is an absolute necessity for brands in this era as the virtual world has become a great part of our physical world and most of our time is spent online, be it work related research, socializing or shopping. There are various components of digital marketing used by businesses around the world. These include search engine optimization which is a way to rank up high in the search engine in order to be visible to the prospect customers.  Pay per click advertising is an advertising method where the advertiser places you ad online and you a=have to pay each time the ad is clicked. Social media marketing is another effective part of digital marketing whereby you promote your brand on social platforms. Content marketing refers to the creating and sharing content online that serves various purposes. Email marketing is an old concept which is also an integral component of digital marketing. It is a direct way to approach your prospect customers in order to make them aware about your product. Lastly website design and development is crucial for digital success as it is the place where the consumer takes the action.

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