Components of an Effective Landing Page


May 1, 2021

Landing page

Are you looking to generate high converting landing pages? If yes, you are on the right page. 

Landing pages is the most productive way of enhancing your brand image and driving traffic. With the help of landing pages, you can gather all the contact details of your visitors and shoot up conversions. 

Our blog, today, is all about effective ways for a successful landing page. Before we get to that we would first like you to know how landing pages can benefit your business.

  •  It will help you generate leads.
  • It will help you collect demographics.
  • It will help you track data.
  • It will help you support your business goals.
  • It will help you expand your email list.
  • It will create more awareness about your brand.

Components for successful landing pages.

Consistent branding

Your landing page must look like it belongs to your website. By this we don’t mean it should be a replica but there should be a consistency in branding. Embossing your brand logo on your landing page is a great idea. Your visitors will have better recognition of your brand then.

Compelling headline

The headline is the first thing the visitor will notice in the content once they land on your page. So make sure your headline is crisp, uncomplicated and attention grabbing. It should also be consistent with the promotion of the landing page. A catchy subheadline will also persuade the visitor to stay on your page. 

Alluring visuals

Visuals (images and videos) can increase the user engagement. Videos can grow the conversions by 80%. We have also noticed that it can totally influence the decision of users. Just be sure of keeping the video crisp, so that the user watches it completely. Enticing images also works as a powerful tool to attract visitors.

Mobile friendly

Your landing page should be customized for each and every device, mobile being one of them. Landing pages should surely be mobile optimized. As per our study, more than 50 percent of people raise queries on their smartphones. This number is only predicted to grow every passing year. So keep this factor in mind while designing your landing pages.

Social proof

Consider reviews, testimonials and trust badges to be your awards. Social proof is one of the most productive ways to upscale your conversions. We have noticed, 70% of people are more tempted to make a purchase if it is recommended on social media. Your ‘shares and likes’ is what is going to promote you. Also remember, adding your company address will definitely add to your credibility. It will give your audience a sense of trust.  

Lead capture form

This form is a crucial component of your landing page. Get one thing straight, don’t come up with an elongated list of questions. We are sure you don’t want to overwhelm or daunt your visitors. You may ask important questions like name, age, email id etc. other contact details. Certain questions can be optional to answer. Make sure you design the form in a way that it is quick to complete. 

Keep it to the point

Your landing page should be straightforward and uncomplicated. The purpose of the landing page and how the prospect will benefit from you should be the focal point. Speaking a benefit oriented language will entice your visitors. Personalizing it is a great idea. This will only help in making it less generic. 

Lastly, keep it concise. 

Quick loading

The loading speed of your page will play a big role in retaining the users and also having conversions. No matter how effective your landing page is, it will not generate conversions if half of the people cannot view it. Quick loading will help in large conversion rates. If your page has a slow loading speed, the visitor will get restless and irritated. The speed of the page will also impact the search ranking. You can make use of ‘Google’s page speed tools’ to test the performance.

Keep it simple

A simple design is definitely more effective. Simple designs load quickly, get processed easily and are definitely uncomplicated to use. If you try to make it very complex, it will only confuse the visitor. 

Call to action

The CTA, also known as call to action, should be clear and straightforward irrespective of what your landing page is about. CTA is the heart of landing pages. Use a contrast color for the CTA to make it more prominent and ensure it is more focused and not vague. For example: Instead of using a ‘learn more’ use ‘learn more to avail 20% off’. This will help your user understand better and persuade them to take some action. 

Say thank you

If a user makes a purchase or even fills up a form on your request, they should receive a ‘thank you’ message from you. This could either be on their email or your page.

Keep a track

Data tracking can help you boost your landing page significantly. Keep making changes periodically. This will help you gauge what works and what does not. Make variations in your content, CTAs, headlines and visuals to see what is contributing to grow your conversions. 

High interactions

There are various ways you can interact with your visitors. Few effective interacting ways are- social links, online chats, contact form and a phone call. Give the user all the alternatives and let them opt for the one which is most suitable to them. ‘Social buttons’ is a recommended way to let the user share your landing page. 

Can you now create an effective landing page?

Creating an effective and profitable landing page is quite a challenging task. An appealing headline, a quick loading speed and other above mentioned key factors play a big role in making your landing pages successful. 

Be honest, how many of the above 13 components exist in your landing pages? If you are not happy about your conversion rates, it is time for you to make some changes. Remember, there is always some room for advancement and it is never late to do so. 

Once you have understood the core strength of successful landing pages, you are almost there. So get going and upscale your ‘landing pages’ game today.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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