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All You Need To Know About Facebook Video Algorithim


April 22, 2020

Facebook Video Algorithm

In this rapidly evolving digital world, where it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and not being unique means losing on business, video remains the evergreen technique that can be easily leveraged to get traffic as well as conversions.

People around the world prefer to watch a 2-3 minutes video rather than spending 10 minutes to read the same information. It is a subtle way to communicate your message while entertaining as well as educating your viewers.

A picture is worth a thousand words so what must be the value of a video? You guessed it right!

Video is proving to be the most powerful tool to get engagements, increase growth and get leads. It is the most effective way to create brand awareness and get exposure. It is no longer a part of the marketing plan, it has become the center of all the marketing activities.


  • Builds Trust: Gaining customer trust is crucial for any business as it fosters relationships and is the basis of future sales. Building trust should be the primary goal itself. Once the trust is built, it empowers emotions and can do better than any content marketing strategy in this concern.

    Video is the ultimate solution when it comes to trust building especially for new startups. Consumers while shopping online are always skeptical about the real product and showing them the product in a video can boost their confidence. It has the ability to ignite emotions and overcome customer’s fear of fraud.
  • Boosts Conversion: Videos have the ability to boost conversions as well as sales. Having a product video can increase conversions by 80%.It is proven that customers subsequently make purchase after watching product videos.
  • SEO: Embedding videos on your website can significantly increase your chances of being noticed by Google. In other words using videos can help you significantly in improving your search engine ranking. It’s a great SEO booster.
  • Brand Awareness: Explaining concepts becomes easy when it comes to Videos. They are a great way to explain concepts, demonstrate different uses of products or even simply tell your brand story so that people can connect to your brand. It is referred to as being the greatest activator for even the laziest of the customers who do not tend to engage usually. It also encourages social shares hence increasing brand awareness tremendously.


Facebook has been changing its algorithm periodically, however recently it has updated its Video algorithm that have left users a little confused.

The update basically revolves around the views of the particular video. The latest algorithm encourages videos having sticky content that get repeated views.

Facebook is going to better rank videos that are relevant for users and to which they return to.

The duration and uniqueness also contributes in the ranking factor as per the updated algorithm including the length of the video.

Three minutes video is ideally preferable and exceeding one minute of watch time can significantly improve the ranking.

Moreover Facebook is discouraging pages that only share videos and does not produce any unique or quality content.

To analyze the latest Facebook video algorithm update, it simply seeks to optimize its user experience by eliminating stuff that is not popular and encouraging original content which its users approve.


You will have to audit your video marketing strategy and alter it according to algorithm update in order to stand out and leverage it for the growth of your business.

If you are focusing on having short video updates for your customers than you need to make it more elaborative and increase its length.

Your content should be original, relevant and interesting enough for the users to return to it, otherwise you are going to lack rankings and hence viewership.


Video Marketing is an effective way to reach out to your intended audience and increase engagements. It has various benefits for businesses and marketers around the world are focusing on it as the center of the digital marketing mix. Social channels are the best source of video marketing. Recently Facebook video algorithm has been updated according to which the main factors contributing to the ranking of a video are loyalty and intent, duration of the video and originality. You can fix your videos based on these guidelines to make sure your videos make it to the top!


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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