How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy


May 1, 2021

Content marketing strategy

With time, content marketing has become a vast subject. It is far away from being technical. The art of putting across content is through the simplest form of storytelling. 

Now let me tell you something. When I started my research I was astonished to know that more than 50% of the brands do not have a content marketing strategy in place. Are you one of them? Then how are you going to see any conversions?

I am pleased to have you with me today. 

How to develop a content marketing strategy? This game plan is not at all intimidating. In fact, it’s really effortless. Let’s get started with it.

How to develop a content marketing strategy?

Here are a few ways in which you can jumpstart your results. PS: Make sure it is sustainable.

1. Create your Own content

Yes, you have to create content but ensure it’s only yours. If you give your visitors the content which is already available then what are they deriving out of you and your brand? Innovative, distinctive and engaging. That’s exactly how the content should be.

2. Know your audience

Content marketing strategy

What kind of audience is interested in your content? It is important that you know your audience to serve them right. You can engage your readers more when you know them close. For example, if you are writing for a fashion magazine, who do you think your audience would be? Someone aged from 25-55 years. Also, it will be a female most likely. So, what are the parameters you must look into? Age, gender, profession, country, etc.

3. Look into your competitors

Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to replicate your competitor. Only look into their style and game plan. You know what they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer. It applies here as well. Keep a constant check on what they are posting and what kind of response they are deriving out of it. It’s great to be in the loop.

4. Visual content is the King

Take two examples. One, where there’s a whole lot of good content. Second, content with some eye-catchy visuals. Which one is more attention-grabbing? Hands down, the second one. The human brain registers and gets more attracted to images. Visuals also break through the monotony. Make sure you use the right size and color.

5. Make it readable

By readable I don’t mean the words you use. Your content should be scannable, only then will it be appealing enough to read. How do you do that? These are a few simple yet very effective modules. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Use an active voice. Use bullet points. Use subheadings. 

6. Call to Action (CTA)

If you are in the field, I am sure you are aware of the call to action strategy. The question here is, how much of it do you actually apply? I would say, a CTA is a must. How do you use it? 

  • Register for the event
  • Buy the product
  • Share on social media
  • Email for updates
  • Sign up for the newsletter

Tailor your CTA as per your content.

7. Content Calendar

A content calendar goes as a part of how to develop a content marketing strategy plan. Of course, you know what a calendar is. So basically, this is just a written schedule of how, when and where your content will get published. Is it really important to have a content calendar? Well, I say yes. It will give you a big picture of what’s coming up. A calendar will make sure that your content actually happens. It will also make communication easy with your team. Enough reasons to have one?

Create Your Own Content Marketing Strategy

I am glad you have stayed till the end. You are no longer naive in knowing about how to develop a content marketing strategy. Those were a few master plans for content. How about things that are a big NO? Do not turn a blind eye to reviews. Do not use the wrong platforms. Do not compromise on quality. Do not take your potential customers lightly.

So, not just the DO’s but the DON’Ts are also important. Get in touch with me, and I can reveal more.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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