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September 2, 2020

If you have been running your business through a website for some years or even just got one developed recently, the prime goal must be to attract new customers. No matter where you live, which business or industry you belong to, nowadays the ultimate way to attract more customers is through the digital outreach of your business.

Potential customers put a query in the search engine and in result; they get a number of businesses listed with the search engines. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the key technique here, which lets search engines decide which businesses are most relevant to a customer’s query. Are you now wondering to know the answer of “is my website SEO friendly?”

If so, continue reading and by the end of reading this article, you will be in a position to know the answer and take the necessary steps wherever needed. The process to know the answer as quickly as possible is simply ask your website developer if they developed a SEO friendly structure. However, wait, how you would determine if they were providing you with a right answer or not.

Do not limit yourself with the thought process that you are not a technical person to know the basics of SEO and getting to know whether your website is SEO friendly. Here in this article you will get a basic checklist with elaborative understanding of how to use it.

Simply follow the checklist and at the end you will be in a position to determine if your website is SEO friendly.

Online Free Assessment Tools

One of the most convenient yet not very reliable ways to check the SEO friendliness of a website structure is free online assessment. There are many tools that can provide you a basic analysis and if you wish to spend money on these software generated reports, you may go ahead and purchase the subscription for detailed analysis.

While this can be a starting point for a naive person to check the SEO friendly structure of his website, we may not recommend relying on it totally. Rather we encourage you to read more through your own website and look for the things provided next in this article to make your own analysis report without spending much money.

Underlying Technology of Website

In most cases, this is the bare minimum knowledge your website development company must have provided to you before even starting the development work. Ready to use template based development platforms such as WordPress, Shopify etc. comes with built-in SEO friendly structure and analysis within the back-end panel of the website. See an example below:

Here you can clearly see how WordPress enables SEO friendly URL structure of all the posts that you are going to publish for your website. Simply through a setting, you can ensure SEO friendly URL structures for the website.

For custom developed websites with complex functionality, your service provider must have used other ways to ensure this and you can simply check by opening different pages of the website in the browser. SEO friendly websites should contain hyphen or “-” as a separator for better readability of the search engine. The structure of the website, internal pages, blog pages, posts etc. everything should have SEO friendly URLs for better ranking of the search engines. With the right selection of development platform for the website, you can review this yourself with the admin panel of the website. These platforms also provide suggestions to improve the readability and SEO score of the website.

Keyword Optimized Content

Content on your website coupled with the engaging visuals plays a vital role in increasing your customer reach. Keyword driven content is important for both the search engine and the potential customers. Keywords are the relative terms for your business, which your potential customer uses to find the product or service on search engines.

With the right selection of keywords as well as appropriate number of keywords used in website URL, page headings, image alt text, pages content etc., you can ensure the deserved listing in the search engine. Many tools can provide you an analysis of related keywords and strength. You can check if your content and website structure is optimized around those keywords.

Compatible and Adoptable Design

Websites must be accessible through all types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop etc. Technology has changed the way people shop for their needed products and services these days. Most of your potential customers must be looking for useful information while sitting in a café and browsing through their mobile.

Make sure your website is responsive for all these screen sizes and devices types. User experience (UX) of the website also lets search engines decide how long people stay on your website and it helps increase the overall search engine ranking of the website.

Internal and External Linking

Internal flow of the website makes a potential customer stay on the website for a longer time and browse through it. Search engines recognize this as a positive element and the impact on ranking acts accordingly. You can see if your website content leads to other pages of the website. Such as quotation form links on the home pages might lead a customer to quickly land there and fill that for a potential buying.

Similarly, blacklinikng from reputable sources of information such as Wiki pages etc. also let search engines decide the reliability of the content. Therefore, you can check if your website posts are published on any such platform as a guest post and leads back to your website from there. An example for backlinking is shown below: 

These are the basic and necessary checks that you can follow and see if your website is following these. If yes, this is definitely a good sign for a SEO friendly website structure and you can either do more yourself or hire a professional SEO agency to make it better. You can set an ideal budget to spend on a monthly basis or annual basis for continuous improvement to SEO friendliness of your website.




Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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