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Keyword Research

Our keyword research will not only get you visitors but will also enable you to rank on the first page of the search engine.

Keywords is the main factor that funnels new visitors on your website. It is used as an indicator by the search engine to connect the prospects to your websites. We take keyword research as seriously as the scientist takes their laboratory research, hence we’ve helped numerous brands to get more traffic and rank on top of the search engine result page. Our team uses top tools to perform the keyword research, helping businesses to get the best results.



How Its Works 


Place The Order

Once you place the order and share the details with us, we start off by compiling a comprehensive list of keywords that are related to your business, using various tools.


Creating The Keyword Site Map

This is the main part where we shortlist the primary and related keywords for each page in a spreadsheet called keyword sitemap.


Get Your Delivery

Once we are done with the work, we notify you to check all the finalized keywords. We are there to assist you if you need any kind of clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Do You Use To Do The Keyword Research?

We use Ahref and Semrush both to perform the keyword research.

The Keyword Research Is Focused On User Intent Or Search Engine?

Our research is based on both the user intent and how they search for a specific product or service as well as the search engine.

How Many Keyword Options Do You Provide?

We give about three to four options for each page, including primary and secondary keywords.

If you've any questions, just start a live chat with our customer service representative and we'll get you sorted.