Landing Pages: All You Need To Know


May 1, 2021

Landing Page

Are you looking for online advertising and you come across the term ‘landing pages’ too often? Well, do not get worked up. Today, in our blog, we are going to tell you everything about it. 

In digital marketing, a landing page is thoughtfully designed to convert visitors to leads. To put it in very simple words for you, this is the page a visitor will land on once they click on a link. It is designed especially to receive traffic. In short, a page would not qualify as a ‘landing page’ if it is not designed to convert traffic. 

These landing pages are accountable for some actions. Here are a few examples of these actions you may have across. 

  • Make a call
  • Purchase the product
  • Submit an enquiry form
  • Chat with us
  • Register for our next event
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

What’s the main goal of Landing Pages?

Every online marketing strategy comes with a goal and landing pages is no exception. Before you design your page, your objective should be clear. You need a clear set of expectations to gauge on the success. This success will depend on the number of people who made it on the landing pages. Let’s tell you in detail about the above listed ones.

  • Make a call

Most marketing strategies involve ‘call to action’. This is one of the most operative ways to market what you want. It will get your target audience in touch with you.

  • Purchase the product

Landing pages is the most important element of the sales funnel. This is an important connection between you and the customer. ‘Purchase the product’ will lead your customer to your online store and then motivate them to make a purchase. 

  • Submit an enquiry form

This enquiry form is an interactive way to get in touch with your potential customers. Push your visitors to fill this form. How do you do this? Create the form. Get the form fields customized. Check your notification settings.

  • Chat with us

This is the most effective way to increase the interaction with your target audience. People may have queries or may want to get in touch regarding the service or product. Sending a message is the simplest way to do so.

  • Register for our next event

You may want to promote your upcoming event. This is one of the most popular and successful ways to do it.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

Create an eye catchy newsletter and get your audience to subscribe to it. Another effective way to stay connected. 

Tips for A Great Landing Page 

  • Pay attention to your Buyers

If your aim is to get converts, speak your buyers language. Think about how they will benefit by engaging with you. Once your potential buyer shares the contact details what next?

  • Keep it crisp and catchy

Remember one thing, your visitors are not going to spend too much time trying to understand your services and offerings. Ensure your message on the landing page is crisp as well as catchy. Entice your audience to the fullest. Cut it short and ensure every word you say comes with a motive.

  • Accentuate the benefits

Let’s put it bluntly, no one cares about how well your brand is doing. Do not focus on your achievements, focus on how your offerings will benefit your audience. Something like ‘Do you want to know what’s in store for you here?’ will work. 

  • Urge some promptness

Well, we are not asking you to get over dramatic here. But you can urge your audience to get a little prompt. You may use words like ‘today’ and ‘now’. ‘Put your work aside for a while’ also sounds flamboyant. 

  • Make use of action oriented words

Landing pages have been introduced only to get some action. Rather than only informing your audience about what you are offering, ensure your words get some action in response. 

  • Use eye catching images

Visuals create some great level of magic. Attention grabbing videos and images leave an impact on the visitor. Each visual you use should come with a purpose.

  • Make an irresistible offer

Once someone visits your landing page, they need to understand what you are offering. When that is clear, ensure you offer is compelling enough. If your offer is not irresistible, your landing page will not function. Your offer should match the visitors interest and excite them. Lastly, they should not be able to resist it. 

  • Show some social gesture

Social gesture is one of the most successful ways to attract an audience. You can show some testimonials from happy customers. The best way to attract your target audience is via social media posts. One tip: Creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) can make your target audience to act prompt.

DON’Ts of Landing Pages

Just like it it is important for you to know the do’s and tips of a successful landing page, you must be aware of the don’ts as well. So let’s get to that.

  • DON’T overcrowd

Heard of the famous phrase ‘less is more’? This is applicable even for landing pages. Use simple and minimal visuals and messages. Trust me, a cluttered display is a big no no.

  • DON’T use flowery language

If you think people are going to get impressed with big and complicated words, you are highly mistaken. People like simplicity and clarity. Using confusing jargons will only lead to confusing and losing your audience.

  • DON’T distract your visitors

Ofcourse, you do not want your visitors to leave your page right? Putting unnecessary links will distract your audience and reduce the chances of conversions. Eliminate those links immediately.

  • DON’T bombarding your audience

If you have a form to be filled by your visitors, make sure it is short and sweet. Ask only what is required. Do not bombard your visitors with additional and unnecessary questions. 

  • DON’T forget to Thank Your visitors

We have noticed people often forget to say thank you. It is a small but an important gesture. The visitor has taken time off their busy schedules only to browse through your landing page. Once you have acquired all the necessary information, don’t forget to say thank you.

So that was all about landing pages. You are ready to begin today!


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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