Our Process

If you want to improve your online performance or mould a business idea then just get in touch because IT ALL STARTS WITH A CALL!


In our first meeting we would like to know about your business. The most essential step in helping a business achieve its desired goals is to deeply understand its nature, customer journey and their personas.

We perform a competitive analysis to figure out your position in the market. While analyzing the insights there comes a point where we are able to pin point possible problem areas. Our specialists of the concerned area are responsible to find ways to fix the problem and come up with ideas that can help you grow further.


2. Devising Strategy

When the problem and its solution is identified we prepare to create a customized plan according to your needs, defining ways to overcome the problem or to execute an idea.

From designing your website layout to curating campaigns we make sure every detail is covered in order for you to attain your goals.

We set predefined metrics tied with goals to be able to track performance accurately. Once we have a plan ready we would like to get you on board, briefing about the steps that needs to be taken and explaining the process.

3. Executing Plan

When we receive your approval, this is the part of endeavoring. We put our specialist’s skills to get to work. Ensuring every step is to be taken timely and in precision.

Each part of the plan is assigned to the concerned professionals with a project manager being in charge to coordinate and get the tasks done in time. This stage has its own phases and is expected to take the most time to achieve the target.

The required resources are deployed along with the expertise in order to yield the best results.

4. Evaluating Results

Our work doesn’t end at executing the plan. We analyze the effectiveness of the strategy and the results generated.
If needed we suggest tweaks to improve performance and compete better within your market. Customer satisfaction is our metrics for quality and hence we do not give up until your targets are achieved. The perk of being a digital agency is that we are able to track real time results and optimize efficiently.


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50, Windmill Lane, The Windmill
Dublin 02, D02K661
Phone: 08 3120 7901
Email: info@socialgravity.ie

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