Social Gravity was founded with the spirit and soaring objective to offer digital services to small & medium sized businesses, circumventing obstacles in a way that leads them to become brands.

Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was sparked with being a friend in need.  Social Gravity was created by an entrepreneur while he was helping his friend.

Typically, after graduation all of the friends took their careers ahead, everyone opted different paths.  While struggling with his own career he was approached by one of his friends who established an accountancy firm with each operation meticulously planned.

This took him down to the memory lane when he used to see his friend working on his business model with passion and diligence in their first year of grad school.  However, the only thing that was missing was the lack of leads and awareness about business resulting in a small customer base and a low ROI.

Since Our CEO was already well versed with the fundamentals of digital marketing and was directing his career towards it, he knew exactly where the problem was and hence he suggested his friend to have an online presence and the right digital platforms that would get him the desired traction

This was not easy for his friend since he had not allotted funds for the digital marketing transformation. Our founder decided to drum up his friend’s business by establishing its presence online from scratch.  Creating a stunning website to get the ingenious content marketing strategy in place, the journey was quite long but truly worthwhile. Soon his friend was able to get more customers and was exposed to a new world of opportunities.

In the process our founder knew where he was headed and that is how Social Gravity came into being. With the motive to build small & medium sized businesses into a brand shining in the digital world.


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