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Our monthly SEO subscription comes in three packages, depending on the deliverables and amount of SEO hours invested into your campaign each month.

Call us now to inquire about our subscriptions or if you’d like to know which one will work best for your business. You can also ask your questions through live chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between these packages?

Our packages differ according to business size and their objectives. The main difference between these packages is the amount of deliverables and the results you get over the long run. 

Bronze package is to cover the basics of SEO and make sure you have an SEO friendly website and your customers can find you on Google.

Silver package is focused on lead generation and getting more customers online. This is an ideal choice for customers to see results before they’re encouraged to go for a higher tier package. Silver package is focused more on local city based keywords.

In the gold package, we dominate the search engines with an extensive variety of keywords enabling you to attain maximum possible customers in the long run. This package will also help you to attract national traffic.

How long does SEO take to work?

White hat SEO takes at least 8 – 12 months to see results and to grow your clientele. SEO is a slow process and we advise our customers to be patient during this process.

How long should I do SEO for?

You should aim to get SEO for at least one year. After 1 year, you’ll want to do it yourself as you’ll see leads/customers coming in from the website and you wouldn’t wanna stop.

Do you lock in contracts?

We don’t lock in contracts, but we provide premium services and make sure our clients see value in what they’re spending with us.

Is SEO worth the money?

In business, we always look for the highest ROI. So if every 1 invested can bring in 5x – 10x ROI, then what would you want more.

How would I see results?

Every month, we share two kinds of reports with our clients so that they can see what we’re working on and witness the progress throughout the journey.

  1. Ranking report: This is simply the ranking update report for the keywords we’re targeting.
  2. Monthly executive report: This is an in-depth report of all the important analytics, KPIs, what we’re working on and what results we achieved.
What are the tiers in backlinks?

Tier 1 are the low quality backlinks that are good enough for local websites. For example, blog comments, forum posting, web 2.0 submissions etc.

Tier 2 backlinks are the high quality ones that are required for a high competition environment. For example guest posts, blog backlinks etc.

Which package should I go for?

This is a subjective question and depends on the size of your business, what is your goal with marketing, how competitive you want to go and so on.

Give us a call and we will properly explain the difference and help you choose the best package.

If you've any questions, just start a live chat with our customer service representative and we'll get you sorted.