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We carefully perform an analysis of your business funnel and do competitor research and suggest you appropriate SEO solution for your business. Here at Social Gravity, we build brands with the help of Digital Marketing.

The SEO services that we provide are compliant with Google’s guidelines & algorithms and strive to make more sales for your business. Our techniques are always up to date with modern trends.

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Make your online shop visible on the top of the SERP. Our E commerce SEO service includes all aspects of SEO as well as those specific techniques that will enhance your online shop.

Wordpress SEO

Optimizing your WordPress SEO is extremely critical to not only gain traction. Our experts have derived best practices with the right plugins from their years of experience, to boost your SEO.

Shopify SEO

Our professionals focus on improving your SEO according the characteristics of a Shopify website. From choosing the right Shopify SEO Apps to determining how to handle product variant pages, they know their job!

Local SEO

You can leverage local SEO to market your business online locally. We help you to attract more customers from relevant local searches using our local SEO strategies. Get in touch to rank better!


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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

  • Gaming Arcade
  • 60% Increase in customers in 6 months
  • 14 Keywords ranked in top 3
  • 35% Increase in revenue in 1 year
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Search Engine Optimization
Why should my business hire an SEO agency?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is no more an alien term for most businesses today. Whether or not you hold technical understanding, jargons and terms of SEO, what you do know is that this is the best way to get your online business presence to top search results of search engines and lead more organic traffic towards buying your products or services.

Does it work for online businesses?

Online businesses cannot follow conventional marketing tactics such newspaper ads, person to person marketing etc. Rather they rely on the fact that their potential customers will use the search engines to look for a specific product or service with a search string that contains exact or similar product names to get them the top businesses online.

So when businesses want to appear in top search results of most used search engines, SEO helps to optimize the business’s online presence and increase the probability of appearing in top search results.

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What our SEO agency in Belfast has to offer as a SEO services package?

SEO isn’t a one time game, it has to have a consistent approach and a well aligned strategy in place to optimize your online business presence not just among your competition in Belfast but across the globe. If you are not sure how to get started and what to expect from our services, Here is what you should get as a complete SEO package:


          Initial Audit & Current Standing

A dedicated team of specialists will be engaged with you to review current status of website content, keyword, strength and usage, standards being followed, image optimization and other acceptable standards of search engines. If you have a strategy in place, we will review how effective that is and how we can further improve it. If you are just a beginner or does not know much about how & why your content was organized, do not worry we can always take a fresh start and take your business to the peak.

          Competitors’ Analysis

One of the most crucial aspects that most businesses sometimes miss or underrate is how your competition is targeting the expected customer. What strategies they have incorporated and how they are optimizing it from time to time. No one will share their strategy with you so you have to utilize available and industry recognized tools and techniques instead. Our dedicated team will keep an eye on your business competitors and will come up with suggestions to break the competition.

          SEO Strategy Formulation

Once you have carefully reviewed where you currently are and where you want to reach (certainly above the competition) a thorough plan is devised to make necessary changes and improvements in business presence on search engines. Strategy contains identification of keyword, on page and off page optimization tasks, content & imagery optimization, website speed improvements etc.

          Strategy Implementation, Testing and Revision

Once the strategy is clearly defined along with expected goals agreed between both parties. The changes will be implemented and documented to ensure both parties can refer to the results and before/after stats to see how the strategy is helping in achieving the goals. Goals have to be long term and any changes are advised or incorporated once a sufficient time has passed.

          Monitoring and Reporting

Results are continuously monitored and shared with the businesses on a regular basis. Two communication is encouraged to ensure the activities of SEO services are being carried with utmost care and attention.


Why should I choose Social Gravity for our website’s SEO?

We are a certified and renowned name in SEO, but our services are not just limited on boundaries. We have some reputable businesses onboard already that showcases the ability of our team to get your business the desired results in time. We are always available to address your queries and concerns to make sure the mutual trust in services.