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Our digital marketing experts carefully analyze your business model and then suggest you tailor made SEO solutions to increase your online presence. We believe in building brands through Digital marketing, that your target audience can engage with easily.

We strictly follow latest Google guidelines to deliver great SEO Services that strive to bring more leads and sales for your business. The SEO techniques we use are up to date with the modern trends & technology, result oriented and designed for small to medium sized businesses.

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Make your online shop visible on the top of the SERP. Our E commerce SEO service includes all aspects of SEO as well as those specific techniques that will enhance your online shop.

Wordpress SEO

Optimizing your WordPress SEO is extremely critical to not only gain traction. Our experts have derived best practices with the right plugins from their years of experience, to boost your SEO.

Shopify SEO

Our professionals focus on improving your SEO according the characteristics of a Shopify website. From choosing the right Shopify SEO Apps to determining how to handle product variant pages, they know their job!

Local SEO

You can leverage local SEO to market your business online locally. We help you to attract more customers from relevant local searches using our local SEO strategies. Get in touch to rank better!

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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

  • Gaming Arcade
  • 60% Increase in customers in 6 months
  • 14 Keywords ranked in top 3
  • 35% Increase in revenue in 1 year
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It starts with the competitive analysis.

Once the current status of the website is determined through the website audit and strategy review (if there was any in place), our SEO Specialists determine your standing as compared to the competition.

Our dedicated team looks closely at the identified competition and overall market trends to ensure that the new strategy is optimized to break the competition and take advantage of other company’s weaknesses.

Competition analysis can be done once before the new strategy formulation and can also be carried forward as a regular part of SEO services. We will guide you in deciding the frequency of competitive analysis depending on end goals. 

Strategy Building & Testing

As the next step in your SEO services package, the findings of website audit and competitive analysis is combined to either formulate from scratch or alter the existing strategy to align with SEO services outcome expected from our services.

We are the best SEO agency in Cork known for the business centric unique SEO strategy building. 

SEO Strategy Implementation

Our professional and dedicated specialists then work on a consolidated implementation of agreed strategy which primarily include both on page and off page strategy implementation. Optimization of the content based on the most used keyword on search engines is the most effective and less costly way to attract more organic traffic towards your website.

Reporting on your SEO Success

Our dedicated and custom services packages include continuous and frequent reporting of results that we achieve through implementing robust SEO practices. The reporting and analysis is carried through professional SEO tools and holds authenticity which is acceptable at all international standards.

Our dedicated team share these reports and analysis in both in person meetings if you are available in Cork, as well as via virtual communication means. Reports are prepared in most interactive and easy to understand formats so you do not need to hold technical understanding of SEO tools.

Ecommerce SEO

It is the process of making online shops visible on the top of the search engine result page. You might be wondering what’s the difference between general SEO and E commerce SEO.  It includes all aspects of SEO as well as those specific techniques that are applicable for online shops. For instance, there’s significant importance of category pages in E commerce SEO which isn’t for general SEO. Our experts apply these tactics to get you the desired results.

Make your online shop visible on the top of the SERP. Our E commerce SEO service includes all aspects of SEO as well as those specific techniques that will enhance your online shop.


Once you see that summary of Don’ts you have been following, we will arrange a more detailed meeting between you and our SEO specialists to sit together, outline a list of Do’s for your company’s SEO strategy and ensure to achieve bigger goals together.

We are one of the most recognized names from the SEO services providers in Ireland, don’t miss out your chance to get on board with us.