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Having a website might not be of any use if it’s not SEO optimized, investing in a search engine optimized website as crucial as having an online existence in the first place. In today’s digital world, the competition is high and it is of critical importance that each element on your web page is optimized to get the desired ranking in search engines.

Not just that, getting a possible buyer on the website and then ensuring the conversion from buyer to a long term customer, is primarily dependent on the set of information that the buyer will encounter on his first interaction with the website.

If you are also looking for local SEO packages or wondering what local SEO cost you should be assuming in your web page budgets, there is no need to look further. You have landed on the right page to get professional local SEO management services.

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How much can it cost?

It depends on the goals, frequency of activities and available budget. There are a lot of factors that can increase or decrease the cost of doing SEO for your website. There is always a liberty to choose from predefined packages if you are a beginner or get a quote for your unique activity plan if you are not getting it done for the first time.

These predefined packages contain essential activities as a base and advance activities as add-ons so that you can choose to spend wisely depending upon where you want to see your business at the end. If you are lucky enough, you may get promotional discounts or referral discounts which can further lower down the financial impact.

If you are looking for a partner agency yourself or know someone who has been struggling for some time to find a reliable and cost-effective solution, feel free to get in touch with us today. You can use our contact us form or quotation form to share as much detail as you have with you. One of our representatives will surely get hold of you within minimum possible time and will outline the steps going forward. Dial us now or leave us an email and leave the rest to us.

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What do local SEO management service providers do?

These are skilled SEO experts who understand how important sales opportunities are, how similar businesses or competitor businesses are getting more inquiries than you, how much effort a salesperson does to attract the possible buyers and eventually help to achieve sales targets by enforcing correct practices on your digital footprint.

How can you understand this being a business owner?

You may or may not hold adequate knowledge when it comes to operating online. Should that be the reason to get less inquiries as compared to a competitor who has more technical knowledge? The answer is No! What you should understand about this entire SEO practice is what you want to achieve as the end goal. Leave the rest to the qualified and trained technicians who will drive these procedures on your behalf, with equal ownership and responsibility.

Range of local SEO management services

Here is what you sign up for when hiring a local SEO package, most of the packages include the following:

Local SEO Managment
Initial Audit and documentation

First of all, with the help of manual practices or automated tools an initial audit is conducted to outline the flaws in the current situation. It holds critical importance because only then we can outline what needs to be done to correct the issues and make it more optimized for better performance.

Keyword identification and implementation

Once all issues are identified, documented and are agreed by all parties at stake, the next step is the initiation of corrective measures. Keywords are identified that are used as search strings by the potential buyers and the outcome is determined in terms of how much it will help to ensure top ranking in search engine results.

On-site and Off-site activities

Using the identified keyword, a series of on-site and off-site activities are performed. Some will be one-time such page load speed improvement, image optimization etc., whereas others can be periodic activities such as blog writing, external link building etc.

Activities are performed as per agreed milestones to achieve and the performance of the website is monitored continuously to see how these activities are helping to achieve the desired results.

Reporting and monitoring

To ensure engagement of all parties and resolution of any possible conflicts, documentation of changes etc. prompt communication ensures via verbal and written communication modes. If possible in-person meetings are planned and if not virtual modes are used to conduct regular reporting.

The status of both pre-SEO and post-SEO statistics of the website are monitored and shared as a proof of successful SEO.

On-going support

When the defined set of activities is performed, a dedicated support team remains available for a pre-agreed time-period to cope with any unexpected issues. After that we can sign for support packages to sustain the website ranking and performance.

How do they work?

There is no standardized way of working for any particular company. Everyone can have their own set of issues or concerns to address. Some may want to attract more customers locally while others may wish to increase the export or international customers. Depending upon the problem statement one wants to address, the way of conducting an optimization campaign and components of it will differ from case to case.

Just 3 Steps To Get Higher Rankings, Traffic & Leads

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Schedule a call with us today to take your first step to get seen online. You will be talking to a digital marketing strategist who will create a customized plan for your business.

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Schedule a call with us today to take your first step to get seen online. You will be talking to a digital marketing strategist who will create a customized plan for your business.

3. Grow Your Business

Once we have a plan in place, our team at Social Gravity will implement the plan by creating a scope of work customized to your business and target market.


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