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May 1, 2021


Starting a blog is an easy affair. The main challenge comes in once it is up and running. The next move should be bringing more traffic on your blog. How do you do that?

We have noticed a lot of talented people posting great content. However, they don’t seem to reach those traffic numbers. If you are going through the same, don’t get disheartened. You don’t have to be a marketing mentor to market your blog. We are going to mention some super simple steps for you to do so. 

Tip: Don’t kill your blog. Give it sometime.

Why is the ‘right traffic’ important for you?

Before we get into discussing the steps of increasing traffic we need you to understand why this traffic is important to you. In what manner are you wanting people to react once they get on your blog?

More traffic does not mean more business. 

Irrelevant traffic will increase numbers but will not benefit you in any other way. So ensure your traffic is targeted and relevant. This will boost your blog for sure.

Before we begin telling you about ways to increase traffic, we would like to give you one important tip- Set up push notifications for your blog. How does this help?

This will help you stay in touch with your audience even after they have left the blog. Guess what, you can even bring them back. One formula of doing so is through the ‘Push engage’ tool. This software will let you stay in touch with your visitors by sending them notifications. You can do so even once they have left your blog.

Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic

Know your audience

Before you begin with creating the content, it is important you do a small study on your target audience.  You must have answers to all these questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What age group do they fall in? 
  • What are they looking for?
  • How will your content benefit them?

Keyword research is a must!

Keyword research is one of the most productive ways to get you traffic.  It is a modern tool used by all SEO professionals. Are you aware of how this works? 

When users look for specific content they type related words and sentences on the most popular search engine – google. Keyword research will let you discover these content searches by the users.  

Don’t get confused about this. It is absolutely uncomplicated to figure the keywords. There are also free keyword search softwares to  help you. 

Ensure your content is readable

Make sure your content is easy to read. If it is not, your visitors are going to exit your blog. If you use complicated and excessive flowery words, your visitors will get demotivated to read ahead and may leave without even looking at the information which would have been useful otherwise. A few steps to make your content absolutely user friendly. 

  • Your sentences should be crisp and precise. This will be easy to read.
  • Make sure your font size is pleasing. Neither too large nor too small.
  • Keep a track on the readability score.
  • A grammar check is a must. Make no mistakes on this front.
  • Visuals are pleasing to the eye.

Apply SEO

You don’t have to be an ‘SEO expert’ to apply the technique on your blog. You can have access to many free SEO tools and softwares. By doing so you can ensure your blog is more search engine friendly.

Add social share option

Adding a social share button on your blog is going to work wonders for you. Make sure it is convenient for your visitors to do so. If your blog is for startups you may want to include a linkedin share button.

‘Catchy headlines’ do the magic

Once the users find your blog on the search result, the first they have a look at is the headline. A catchy headline will differentiate your blog from the rest. It will also help in getting you more visitors. If your content is engaging, but your headline is boring it is going to not benefit you in any way. The viewer will simply ignore your blog and scroll down to the next one. So always remember a great headline will promote your content in amazing ways.

Add visuals

Visual elements like- images, videos and charts are extremely important. Human brain registers visuals in a very interesting way. A pleasing visual will trigger an emotional reaction in our brain. Remember one thing, an eye catchy image can grab the visitors attention. If you are a newbie we would like you to know that you cannot just make use of any image from someone else’s website. Images are subjected to copyright. So make sure you use your own image.

Keep your blog clutter free

If you think filling your blog with too much content, themes and visuals will get you more clicks, you are wrong. Remember the rule- ‘Less is more’ A simple and clutter free blog will look more impressive for sure. 

Work on the speed

Today, everyone is facing time constraints. If your blog is going to take time to load, your visitor is going to get impatient and leave immediately. Make sure your blog loads quickly. One method of doing so is by optimizing your wordpress performance. Also ensure you use catchy and optimized images. Say no to unnecessary bloats. Remember that google also ranks websites and blogs as per their speed.

Make use of social proof

Human beings easily get influenced by the opinions of others. Social proof is going to promote your blog in the best possible way. Social media is dominating all of us now like never before. If you are a newbie and not so popular yet, don’t worry. Follow these simple ways to strengthen your social proof.

  • Attach a feedback form on your blog. Request your visitors to fill it up.
  • Collect testimonials from your visitors.
  • Ask  your visitors to rate your blog.
  • Once your numbers reach sky high, make sure it is all over social media. 

So these are the most impactful ways to shoot up traffic on your blog. It’s time you craft the most read blog. 

Get started today!


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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