What is Content Marketing? Explained


May 1, 2021

What is content marketing?

Let’s just be honest and accept it that content is all over the place. There’s absolutely no paucity of it. So how can you stand out in this competitive world? The drill lies in marketing your content well. 

What is content marketing? Lot’s has been spoken about this concept. Today, I am going to explicate this in the most friendly way.

So what is content marketing?

Let me narrate an incident. I met two young girls at a party. We chatted for a while over a glass of wine. Eventually I asked them what they do for a living. One of them replied saying we are bridal makeup artists. The other one immediately interrupted saying, we make sure every girl looks like a dream on her Big Day. Now, this is content marketing. 

Well, I was kind of impressed when I heard that. I wasn’t looking for a bridal makeup artist but I took down their numbers. Just so that I can have her in mind and suggest it to my folks. 

Every business needs content marketing. You need to deliver not just valuable but alluring content. I totally believe in the AEC formula- Attract, Engage and Captivate. Yes, this is exactly what your content should focus on.

Why is content marketing important for any business?

Content marketing is the most important thing to do if you are looking for direct sales, brand awareness, interactions or customer loyalty.

  • With the best possible content marketing you can show your audience how they can benefit with your product or service.
  • You can build good relationships with your existing clients.
  • You can update your prospects about your developments.
  • You can surely boost conversions.

Content Marketing : Sales Funnel

Yes, the world has all sorts of people. But human psychology is the same. The content marketing sales funnel will help you get your potential customer one step closer each time.

The three most important stages of content marketing sales funnel are: D-C-A

  • D: When your target audience discovers your product or service.
  • C: When the prospect considers what you are offering them. He/she may give it a thought by finding out more details and comparing it to your competitors.
  • A: This is the last step. When the prospect finally acts upon his decision and decides to indulge or not in your product or service. This is ofcourse the most important stage.

Earlier I spoke about the AEC (Attract, Engage, Captivate) formula. This is an important component of content marketing. So let me just brief you up with it.

  • Attract: You got to attract your prospect. Showcase the best form of audio or visual representation to grab the attention of your target audience. How can you do that? Youtube ads, videos, images, landing pages and some positive data.
  • Engage: Building and sustaining any relationship is not easy, isn’t it? Especially with the plethora of options available today. Human beings are very agile. So you need to take that extra effort and be persistent about bonding and associating with your prospects. How do you do that? The first and foremost option is social media. You can even try emails and webinars.
  • Captivate: This is equally tough and important. Well, you have to make sure your potential clients are pleased and content with you. Only if they are happy with their experience you can be sure that they are here to stay. Not just that, word of mouth is magical. Don’t underestimate the power of it. How do you ensure your clients are delighted? Come up with giveaways, launch some contests and quiz. Conduct surveys and take feedback. In short, make them feel important.

Before We Say Goodbye:

What is content marketing? We are clear on that. Why is it so important for every business? We are clear on that also. Before we say goodbye, I want to give you a pro tip. No content is complete without a CTA (call to action). A visitor is on your page for a reason. If you don’t persuade them to act on it then it’s absolutely useless. 

Something like ‘buy now’ ‘sign up’ ‘register now’ can really work. It does not matter whether you are offering a product or a service, without a CTA your content has no meaning.

Is there anything else I can help you with? I would love to hear from you.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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