Google is known to deliver high quality search results and is growing to be the only reliable, one stop search engine around the world. Its recent innovation of another tool known as google discover is increasingly gaining popularity amongst users as well as digital marketers.

It is becoming a viable way to bring traffic to the website and generate revenue, through a different facet of SEO. Let’s see what it is and how it works for businesses. 

Google Discover:   

It is Google’s feed on the mobile site as well as the app. It is similar to a social media feed or news feed that lets users updated on their topic of interests and trends.  While you would be expecting a simple search option when you open google, you will now find it connecting you to interesting content.  It is a feed that has articles and information according to your interest suggested by Google rather than your friends or brands that you follow.

Google Discover

What’s new in google discover?

The new revamped feed of google has practical and aesthetic modifications. Let’s see what all has been changed.

  1. Branding: The first and foremost change is the change of name from “Google Feed” to “Google Discover”. It suggests the user to deeply learn about their topic of interest. As the nature of searching advances, google aims to support longer sessions and complex searches through its new interface.
  2. Design: The new design of google is a cleaner and simpler one.  The content blocks displays their title, publishing time and a short description. The headers take you to the related stories.
  3. Evergreen Content: Google feed focused on timely and latest content that limited the content. Whereas the new google discover brings you evergreen content which widens the availability of material to users.
  4. Adjustable Content: Previously google suggestion of content on your feed was through Artificial Intelligence. However now you have the control to customize content that you like and hide that you don’t like.
  5. Multiple languages: It now provides content in two languages that are English and Spanish.  This means you can read news or watch videos in Spanish as well as English.

How To Strategize SEO For Google Discover

  • Create High Quality Content: We all know quality content is the key to SEO, but it is also essential to reach the feed. If your site abides by Google’s rule and is mobile friendly, it can surely appear on the feed. Your content needs to be well targeted according to their preferences and interest.
  • Incorporate Media: In google discover the content blocks has a quote share of media. It emphasizes googles motive to promote the usefulness of images.  It is an effective way to gain user’s attention and get traction. Videos are another type of media that can drive traffic to your site. It will help you in the SEO as well.
  • Focus on Engagement: As the new feed is similar to social media feed, you can use similar promotional tactics. Build an authoritative brand and leverage trending topics to get exposure.

How Social Gravity Can Help You Drive Traffic Through Google Discover

Google Discover is proving to be a potentially promising platform to attract traffic. The new modifications and features enables marketers to strategize and improve SEO accordingly. An expert digital marketing agency like Social Gravity Digital can leverage tools like google discover to stimulate engagement and spur traffic to your website through SEO.

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