Which Industries Need SEO the Most?


September 9, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core part of digital marketing strategy for any business who wish to attract customers via their digital presence. While it is an integral part of the specialized digital marketing, the weightage given to it may vary industry to industry. Some businesses may allocate a heavy budget to just SEO and some may focus on other aspects over just getting the SEO done.

Therefore, the question is “which industries need SEO the most?”  If you already have a SEO plan in place or even if, you are at the beginning of getting one for your specific product or service. You must address this question before allocating a lot of money here.

We intend to provide you a basic guide to knowing which industries might need SEO the most or how you can determine if you really need an SEO optimized website or other digital channels in place to beat the competition.

The primary answer that you will get for “which industries need SEO the most?” is going to be “ All ”. SEO does no harm to anyone however, the benefits will not be the same for everyone.

Regardless what budget or time you already spent getting the SEO activities for your business’s ranking in search engines, there are benefits.

Here is the list of factors that determine how much it will benefit you and accordingly you must decide how much you want to spend there


Businesses where completion is low get the maximum out of the SEO investment. If you are opening a new business, where there are already hundreds and thousands of similar established businesses, SEO will do nothing to give your business an immediate boost. In fact, it will take ages to break that completion and will take a lot of money to reach that point.

For better understanding, take an example of opening your home kitchen to sell home cooked food. Unless, SEO will not be as effective as direct marketing or brochure distribution in your locality will be. Rather getting a SEO friendly website, use that money to invest in the other form of marketing and attract customers that are more relevant.

Niche of Business

In continuation of the above point, how unique is the offering and also decide how will SEO help you? Taking the same example of food business, a home chef does not need a SEO driven website but a new eatery in town specialized in international cuisine will definitely hit more sales when people get to know about it through the daily food related search.

This also reflects in the margins of the cost of selling the products. In case you are selling a product that does not have a significant price margin from the rest of the competition that it would be difficult to save a chunk of money and invest in your digital marketing strategy.

Location of the Business

Simply defined, the fact that you are looking for more international customers or local customers is one of the primary factors that contributes to the effectiveness of SEO for your business. If being a home chef, you increase your scope of your offering to frozen or packaged food that people can order online, the dynamics of being a home change and you must invest in SEO to reach those distant people in need of frozen food.

So Which Industries Need SEO the Most?

Precisely talking about the specific industry names or business names, there are going to be many that still need SEO investment to further nurture their business and offerings. Let us give you some ideas or examples of the businesses, which showed greater ROI by mindful investment in their SEO strategy.

Professional Services / Consultants

A consultant is someone with a proven experience and with a specialized set of knowledge that other people get benefitted by discussing their problems. Law consultants, property consultants, fitness consultants etc. these are just a few examples. People offering these professional consultancy services must have their digital presence and invest in SEO to appear in the top search results when someone is looking for the same skill set.

Online Businesses

Any business that has an online selling model, E-commerce, WooCommerce, website stores etc. must have a major chunk of their digital marketing strategy reserved for SEO. Since the only customer that is going to buy from you is someone who searches for a specific product using the search engines, appearing on top of all the competitors is your key to grab that potential sale. Online businesses cannot make much if they just rely on word of mouth or print media marketing etc.

Skilled Labor

A relatively new domain of services but imagine yourself in a position where you have just moved to a new locality. You do not know someone and you are in dire need of a plumber, painter, carpenter etc. to fix some issues in your new home. First thing that comes to mind is to open the browser and type “Painter near me”. Therefore, if you are skilled labor yourself or if you are someone who is running a business of skilled labor services at doorstep, SEO is going to bring more customers. Eventually this means more revenue for the business and greater ROI.

Small Scale Businesses

One running any business at a smaller scale, does not have money to invest in print media or expensive ways of paid marketing. For all these businesses, the least they can do is to have an effective SEO strategy in place. Reserve the bare minimum budget that you can invest in your SEO friendly website structure and keep it maintained with your own efforts.

We hope that this piece of writing will help you getting your answer to the question “which industries need SEO the most” in two ways:

  • Determine the factors that play a role when businesses decide whether or not they should invest into SEO
  • Type of businesses that studies prove that they acquire more sales with an effective SEO strategy in place

Feel free to write to us if you still have any queries.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.


Fahad Bin Zahid is a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant and the co-founder of Social Gravity.

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